“GRAY MATTERS”–kind of gray

“Gray Matters”

Kind of Gray

Amos Lassen

I had heard so much hype about “Gray Matters” that I could not wait to see it and it seems now that the hype was totally unjustified. The cast is good and Heather Graham as Gray creates a character that I felt for and really liked. Tom Cavanagh, as Gray’s brother, Sam, has charm and is quite funny. Charlie, played by Bridget Moyahan, the object of both Gray’s and Sam’s affection is good and Alan Cummings is great as Gray’s cab driver friend. The other cast member, Sissy Spacek and Molly Shannon are also good but the film is lacking something. I liked the film and I am having a difficult time pinpointing where it went wrong. I think it is probably the idea that there are some gay people who do not realize that they are gay until later on. I mean, I know that some embrace homosexuality late but it doesn’t seem to work here.

It is hard to accept that when Gray kissed Charlie that she suddenly realized that she was gay. It seems to be grasping at straws to build a plot. Does someone suddenly realize he is gay or is it a process? What was it that lets Gray know she was suddenly gay? Now the kiss was great and hot but it was not enough.

The film does grab the audience and fills it with hope. The script also deals with social issues such as media, image and sexuality as well as identity—issues that are not dealt with completely in mainstream movies. It does not preach and has an important message (but it is somewhat boring as it meanders from situation to situation). As good of an actress that Heather Graham is, she is not convincing as a lesbian.

What really hurts the movie from reaching a level of greatness is that most of the events are unbelievable. Unless you are Britney Spears you do not rush to Las Vegas to get married after knowing someone for only six days. But there are moments that are genuinely funny and there are moments that are thought provoking.

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