“THE HOUSE OF ADAM”–very interesting

“The House of Adam”

Very Interesting

Amos Lassen

Jorge Ameer has made some wonderful gay-themed movies and “The House of Adam” his newest is unfortunately not one of them. This is a tale of the supernatural and it centers on Adam, a recluse who quietly lives in a small town. He is murdered quite brutally by three religious fanatics and his lover, Anthony, a closeted police detective then must live with both guilt and sorrow because he kept their relationship secret and within their isolated cabin. He was worried about the reaction of those he worked with but then one day he becomes victim to his own double-sided values and for Anthony this became quite an ordeal. He is assigned to cover the murder of the man he loved and has to unearth the body as an early step to the investigation. Adam’s spirit remains within their cabin and it is a visible and vital force. Adam’s spirit goes where it wants to and seems to be somewhere between the living and the dead. When Adam’s spirit appears before a newlywed couple that has taken up residence in the cabin, Anthony becomes somewhat unnerved and traumatized. He realizes that Adam’s spirit will continue to roam if it is not buried properly.

I can’t say that this film is good because it isn’t. It was made on a shoestring budget, and this is not a typical horror film in that it is more psychological. As Adam is killed with a Bible, you realize that this is not average film fare. It deals with love, denial and realization and packs a punch. It is original but the script is not strong. The actors are, at best, mediocre.

“The House of Adam” should keep you thinking after the film is over but it doesn’t. I was glad it finally ended. It seems to be a love story in which love is taken for granted but there is a twist when the supernatural overtones come into play. The film actually deals with Anthony as he attempts to deal with the demons that he is forced into confronting and as he confronts them, he is forced into confronting himself as well. There will be some who will regard this film as simply poorly done camp and I say to them that they are correct. Even with a fresh approach to gay film, it still does not quite make it.

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