“BLUEPRINT”–the attraction


The Attraction

Amos Lassen

One thing that has been obviously missing from the catalog of gay films is a positive movie with African American role models. Kirk Shannon-Butts has remedied that with “Blueprint”, a feature that will surprise you throughout. We see how opposites attract as we meet two college students who become involved in a gay romance.

We first meet Keith as he waits in a Harlem coffeehouse. He is from Los Angeles and he is soon involved in a conversation about hip-hop music with another guy, Nathan. He is not sure if Nathan is sending out vibes and so Keith behaves with an edge of arrogance. Before long he is drawn to Nathan and his attraction and curiosity about the guy pull him in. They become friends and take a motorcycle road trip and when they leave the city and head for the woods, their romance blossoms. However, after a nude swim and a few tokes on grass, an argument leads to another and another and it seems that any chance at a relationship is threatened.

What a refreshing surprise. Shannon-Butts gives us a beautiful story with fresh talent and a wholesome look at the African American gay culture. The script is intelligent; the story is literate and the actors are first rate. I have had this film for some time but never knew where to post a review of it. Now you can see it at TLA.com. Keep your eyes on Shannon-Butts—he is off to a great start and I am sure we will be hearing a great deal more both from and about him.


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