“Close Contact”– steamy


Wolfe, Sean. “Close Contact”, Kensington, 2005.


Amos Lassen

Have you ever wondered how much truth goes into fiction? I often do—especially with erotic stories. I question all literature—we all know that every writer is influenced, to some degree, by his own personal experiences. Sean Wolfe’s stories are very sensual and very erotic and I can only hope that he has been able to experience some of the things he writes about…or he has a very fertile imagination.

In “Close Contact” he provides a story for everyone’s taste—at least, for those who have been involved in having sex. This fits the definition of erotica to the letter.

“Close Contact” has one purpose—to arouse the senses and in that it succeeds wonderfully. Aside from the purely sexual nature of the stories though, there is humor and even hope for love. I think the humor is great because it shows that we can laugh at or during sex. There is also hope for something better than just great sex.

One of the stories is about a guy peeking into his lover’s diary and feeling like he is cheating. In “Badlands”, a naïve kid from Texas gets quite an education in a wild gay bar. “Lessons in Life guarding: Lesson I” does for showers the opposite of what “Psycho” did. How about what happens when a truck driver checks into a bed and breakfast and gets more than a meal and a place to sleep. There is nothing like three fraternity brothers understanding the true meaning f brotherly love. And so on and so on the stories go.

I really do not read a lot of erotica but this is the second book of Sean Wolfe’s that I have read and I am quickly becoming a fan of his. His twenty-eight stories are more than erotic; they are well written short stories. This is quite an accomplishment.

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