“Clicking Beat on the Brink of Nada”–coming of age

Hale, Keith. “Clicking Beat on the Brink of Nada”, Book Surge, 2007.

Coming of Age

Amos Lassen

When I first moved to Little Rock and began reviewing, someone told me about Keith Hale being from Arkansas but I could find out nothing about him. Recently while browsing Amazon.com I came upon this recent book of his. After reading his biographical blurb, I see that there is much more by him that I want to read.

“Clicking Beat on the Brink of Nada” is a novel that takes you back to the days of adolescence when having friends is so important and how the world outside destroys those friendships. It is a tale of first love and how it is dealt with. Interestingly enough, this is a reprint of the book that was originally entitled “Cody” which I read years ago and was highly impressed by and it was not until I was one-third of the way through did I realize that.

The book is a well written and very believable romance and so much of it reminds you of your own teen years—they are a special time that we all go through and that stay with is forever.

The story is set in Little Rock and is about the relationship between Cody and Trotsky and shows the depth of emotion between the two teens. The reader cannot help feel what the characters feel.

The book is real and honest and if you want to read a coming of age novel, this is the one to choose.

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