“Another Word for Sky: Poems”–dreams


Michaelson, Jay. “Another Word for Sky: Poems”, Lethe Press, 2007.


Amos Lassen

As most of you know I do not review poetry often probably because I rarely read something that can be reviewed. To me poetry is very personal and I find it very hard to put my emotions on the page. However, I am going to try to give an objective and sound review to Hay Michaelson’s “Another Word for Sky”. I am a faithful reader of Michaelson’s website and journal “Zeek’ and have read both his books as I am particularly interested in queer Jewish issues. Michaelson, like myself, is a queer Jew and a philosopher. Unlike Michaelson, I am a college professor and he is an intellectual that people listen to. He is a bit of a Renaissance Man with a quest for knowledge that seems to grow continuously. And Jay Michaelson is a poet and a damned good one. His passion shows through his poems and they speak on many levels. He flirts and plays and he is erotic and sublime. His poetry is tender and raw, satirical and devotional and he seems to be controlled by Eros. Writing about love he is passionate and naked as he is when he writes about G-d. Michaelson lets us into his magical and mystical mind through his lyricism and he inspires and infuriates. However if there is anything that characterizes the poet it is that he is himself, Jay Michaelson with his desires and yearnings, his sexuality and enlightenment, his joys and his miseries.

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