British Class

Amos Lassen

“Things to Do Before You’re 30” is a hilarious movie abounding with cliché and several touching moments. It revolves around a football team which ahs been playing together for twenty years and is about to play its 500th game. They guys on the team have been together for the entire life of the team and each has his own problem. It is tastefully done and at tiles is outrageous. You can’t help but laugh and enjoy yourself.

At the beginning I thought I was going to be watching another of those childish, but very funny, “American Pie” movies with stupid characters, lots of sexual jokes and not much more. I was surprised, quite pleasantly, to find that it is a serious film about life and the decisions we make as we get older.

In 1983 Atlantic Greenwich was organized as a football team. In 2003 the team was still playing with the same players who, of course, are older. All of them have changed a great deal but they still have football that unites them. All of them had decided to leave the team, but, because it is the 500th game, they decide to play together this one last time. Naturally there will be a multitude of problems especially after they have discovered hw they want to spend the rest of their lives.

It is the well-written script that keeps everything together and has the movie progresses it becomes more and more interesting.

Billy Piper is the standout actor and even though the movie is slow starting, save the opening scene in the locker room when the naked men are visited by a girlfriend of one of the guys. Yet when it finally gets going, you cannot help but allow yourself to be drawn it. There are a lot of characters so it takes a while to get everything established.

The closing scene is very moving and it helps us understand what keeps all of these characters together.

I am a big fan of British cinema and so I was not hard to please with this film. I can’t help but wonder why it hasn’t received a larger release. It is not perfect but it is the kind of movie that warms the heart and sounds the nature of male bonding. I have to say I recommend it and urge you to try to find a copy. (I got mine from Netfilx).

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