Pure Camp

Amos Lassen

There is something about drama queens. They manage to get themselves into all kinds of situations and they can be extremely tiring. “The Young, the Gay and the Restless” (Ariztical) has more than its share of drama queens and they are fun. This campy satire on television soap operas with grabby friends and deceitful relatives is just fun.

Victoria Gaylord is very rich. She also has an illness that cannot be cured and she invites all of her relatives to come to her home and share her last few days. Little does she know that they are planning to take over her wealth. This comedy has so many twists and turns that sometimes you feel you need a road map t keep everything—shall I say—straight?

  • Quite honestly I  expected this to be a really bad movie. The original screener I received from Ariztical would not play on my DVD player or my computer and I took this as  a sign that the movie wasn’t worth my time. I was very much in error. I found myself laughing aloud several times. This is a real gay comedy. To make it more believable and to resemble a soap opera, there are a few straight characters thrown in for balance.  Everything about the movie resembles soap—the acting, the editing, the sets and the film work.
  • I can’t say the acting is memorable aside from being memorably bad. And the script needs work. For a movie like this, you have to take it for exactly what it is—a spoof, a satire. But to write a good satire is not easy and that is what bothered me the most. I saw so much that could have been improved and I saw the seeds for a really funny movie. Instead we get a fun movie that is occasionally funny. It is too bad that those occasions are when it is not supposed to be funny.
  • But there are good things in the movie as well and you may have to search for them. I have read several reviews but I have yet t read one that in some way did not slam this movie, I am not going to slam it, I had a good time with it because I knew what I was watching. As silly as it was, it is an attempt t broaden gay cinema and to me that is very important. Every movie can’t be a “Brokeback Mountain” and every comedy is not “Another Gay Movie”. I say that we have to give newcomers a chance and although this is a movie that is far from perfect, it is a start and everyone deserves that.

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