“THE WINDY CITY INCIDENT”– home to Olympia


“The Windy City Incident”

Home to Olympia?

Amos Lassen

“The Windy City Incident” soon to be released from Ariztical Entertainment seems to be a film of little value—that is on first viewing. Rewatching it changed my initial opinion that the movie is not much more than meaningless fluff. A great movie it is not and actually it is not much of a movie except for providing 71 minutes of fun and laughs

The plot centers on Chanel Puget, a drag queen, who lives in peace and quiet in Olympia, Washington. The only thing that is a bit odd about Chanel’s existence is that she (he) is frequently bothered by ghostly dreams. In one of the dreams Chanel is ordered to travel to Chicago and even though his (her) boyfriend argues against the trip, Chanel follows the dream and heads for the windy city of Chicago. In order to support himself and pay rent, he works the streets.

Everything was going fine until one evening while dropping in at a drag bar, Chanel’s past history crashes into the present time. Mysteries suddenly show signs of being solved and we learn that Chanel’s body and soul have become a vehicle for vindictive apparitions. What does this mean? You will have to watch the movie to find out. The viewer is the only one who knows if and when Chanel will make it safely back to Olympia or remain in Chicago forever possessed by Ant, the dreaded ghost.

Sounds preposterous? It is but it is not meant to have any great meaning or give a sincere moral lesson. I think the object of the movie is to simply have a good time. There is a lot wrong with this movie but there is also a fun time to be had. Sit back, enjoy, groan every once in a while but it is great sometimes to forget who you are and just relax.

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