“THE TRIP”–on the road



On the Road

Amos Lassen

“The Trip” is not a new release from TLA but I recently watched it for a second time and saw it completely differently. It is indeed a look at the way we live as gay men and how we deal with relationships. It is filed with great lines and great dialog and the script is intelligently written. More than everything else, it is very, very funny as it deals with romance, politics and sex.

Nineteen year old Tommy, a gay rights activist and twenty four year old Alan met for the first time in 1973 and found themselves at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Despite this, they manage to overlook their differences and embark on a relationship. In 1977, at the height of the Anita Bryant’s campaign against gays, an anti-gay book that Alan had written years before gets published mysteriously without his consent. The book destroys any credibility Timmy has had as a gay activist and also causes the breakup of the two. Seven years later the two meet again and take a cross country trip together. The entire mish mash results in a farcical story which is mixed with tragedy, humor, fantasy and reality. The cast was made for this film. Larry Sullivan and Steve Braun shine as Tommy and Alan and the supporting cast of Alexis Arquette, downtown Julie Brown and Jill St. John as Alan’s outrageous mom are prefect.

If you missed this the first time around, don’t miss it now. The dialog is super witty and the script is both moving and ambitious. I had a good time rewatching this film and I think you will also.

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