“A Perfect Scar”–folly, fate and passion


Healy, Trebor. “A Perfect Scar and Other Stories”, The Haworth Press. 2007.

Folly, Fate and Passion

Amos Lassen

I am not much of a short story reader but every once in a while I will pick up a collection and enjoy myself. Trebor Healey’s new collection, “The Perfect Scar and Other Stories” is quite an interesting look at a variety of subjects. His stories cover all aspects of gay life from AIDS to eroticism, aging and death and tattoos and multiculturalism. Healey writes with beautiful and pure emotion and with great wit and insight. He is able to touch the reader on many different levels, all the while amusing him with beautiful lyrical prose.

The collection is made up of eleven stories all of which allow the reader to journey both in word and in emotion. We read of Ireland and Guadalajara and of Alaska and California and as we do, Healey whose deep thoughts and emotions fill his pages, shows us indirectly how to come to terms with our own thoughts and feelings. Healey’s writing is electric and swift like current surging through wire and he is, likewise, experimental. I found myself pulled into the texts of the stories and really enjoying them.

I think what impressed me the most about Healey’s book was the fact that he dared to experiment and by using varying moods and tones as well as a variety of narrative techniques, the collection never lagged nor was it boring. The basic theme of the effect of love on the characters in the stories is handled not only adroitly but with style His depictions of human folly are wonderful and very human, so human, in fact, that there are times where you may recognize yourself.

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