“THE SKI TRIP”–misused potential


“The Ski Trip”

Misused Potential

Amos Lassen

“The Ski Trip” is not a good movie but neither is it a bad movie. It’s silly but harmless—not bad enough not t watch but not good enough to give it my full attention. It has it pluses and minuses but the main fault is the lack of character development. I would have thought that without character development there would have been a good plot line. I was mistaken. If there is a storyline, I missed it completely.

The plot deals with a group of black gay men living in New York and dealing with life after 30. There is hope and there is love and even a few laughs. What the movie does show is the diversity within the black gay community. But we’ve met all of the characters before in other movies.

It’s definitely a low-beget film but worse than that is that it has virtually no quality. The main characters go to a ski retreat in a small rented house. The house is just a house—nothing special but you would have thought it was the Sistine Chapel the way the guys are so proud of it.

A few of the characters go way over the top and they are flamboyant and excessively silly. When the leader of the group decides to take his friends as well as two lesbians on a ski trip, madness ensues. Someone got pregnant, two boys had their relationship tested and friendships became strained. One guy turned 30 with no progress in his future and was dumped by his boyfriend.

Some of the movie was just ridiculous. The scene with 6 men trying to squeeze into a car was a waste of time. What the movie did have was heart and as several other reviewers have said, it s refreshing to see Latino and black gays make it t the screen. However, for me that is the problem and I will probably get flack for saying this. I do not understand why there is a need for separatism—black, Latino, Polish, etc—what difference does it make and is it really necessary to have separate movies?

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