“THE SEX MOVIE”–talking about “it”


“The Sex Movie”

Talking About “It”

Amos Lassen

Due to be released soon by Ariztical, “The Sex Movie” is the story of four friends who spend an evening together talking about sex and sexuality and in the process they reveal some of their conflicts, fears and hidden desires. The four, two men and two women, are porn actors who spend an evening relaxing together when their conversation turns to everyone’s seemingly favorite topic—sex. Among the four are Rafe, who is both gay and promiscuous, J.D., who is straight and close-minded, Heidi, a very tough lesbian and Kris who is straight and manipulative. What ensues is a sexual cat and mouse game as the four let down their defenses and they are forced into living the clichés they often play in the movies they make. Sexual tension builds quickly and when it reaches its peak, we get a look at some bold revelations. It appears that one of the four is simply playing a game while another is nursing a broken heart; one is in pain over unrequited love and another is harboring a secret. They are all about to cross the line.

This is quite simply a movie about sex in many different incarnations as four different people give their perspective on it. The opinions they share with another are interesting to a point as each takes a different position and we hear things such as that labels hold no meaning, gay sex is disgusting, straight sex is fearsome and sexuality is but a continuum on the road of life. The four argue, they listen, they dare but most of all they reveal secrets.

Fluid is the best way to describe the film. Once the talk begins, it flows quite naturally as one camera is pointed at the four. The dialogue is very believable because it is real and we have all had discussions like this before. The actors handle their roles beautifully but we have reached an age in America that little shocks us. It does raise the issue of being “bi-curious” but I am not quite sure about the use of the term “rampant bisexual”. As the characters play with the minds of one another, there is a lot of talk about sex. In actuality very little sex is seen on the screen but the conversation is vivid and the cast is good looking. The best line in the movie is, “Just shut up and f***”. I expected that to happen but you will have to see the movie to see if it really does.

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