“THE PURSUIT OF EQUALITY”–marriage equality


“The Pursuit of Equality”

Marriage Equality

Amos Lassen

There has been so much talk about gay marriage and it was just a question of time until films were to be made. We have had the wonderful “Saving Marriage”, a look at the Massachusetts struggle to legalize gay marriage. Now we have another wonderful look at the issue in “The Pursuit of Equality”. The first frame of the film sets the mood immediately. We see San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome’s senior staff and watch the first same-sex couple exchange marriage vows and thereby set into motion an explosive civil rights controversy. The story then continues out on the streets, in the courtrooms and on the steps of City Hall, where there are clashes between church groups and same-sex couples.

When San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom issued same-sex marriage licenses, he uprooted the status quo and attempted to change the way the United States looked at life, marriage and love and he helped set into motion what could very well become the next civil rights issue of America.

“The Pursuit of Equality” is a film that is emotionally charged and it gives a face to those Americans who are demanding equality in marriage. The film is amazing and eye opening even to those who are directly involved in the gay marriage issue. The topic evokes a long of talk abut mainly because many talk without having a firm understanding of what the issues really are. Same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue and the film focuses on the struggles of human rights which surround the issue and also captures both the elation and despair of those couples and families that are fighting for equal rights.

Here is a telling documentary which gives us what really is going on with the question  of gay marriage and is a must see for anyone concerned with basic human rights.

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