“The Houseboy”

A Gem

Amos Lassen

When I sat down to watch “The Houseboy”, I had no idea of what to expect. All I knew of it I had read on My Space so I was totally and very pleasantly surprised when I found myself beginning to love Spencer Schilly’s little film.

Nick May who is a cute new face on the screen plays Ricky whose job is to take care of the house owned by the couple of studs he has been having sex with. They have gone away for the holidays and Ricky is left to take care of everything. However when Ricky overhears a conversation between the two men that they want a new toy for Christmas, he becomes hurt and somewhat morose. He begins to look for a human connection in every way possible—via the internet, through hookups, through drugs and through anonymous sex. Ricky begins to experience the typical lonely holiday blues. He is unwanted by his family and he fears that his place with the two guys does not have much time left. He begins to consider suicide and is thinking about committing it on Christmas Eve. When Ricky begins to talk of his plan with his tricks, they are startled and quick to leave him.

This is a drama that has so much going for it. The story is unique, the acting is good, the dialog is real and there are a lot of good sex scenes. Nick May has a boyish charm that wins you over from the first moment he is on the screen—which is the first moment of the movie. His struggle with his feelings for the couple he lives with are all over his face and his expressions are wonderful. Ricky’s depression grows deeper when he is left alone to take care of a house that he feels he is  about to be throw out of and when he thinks about the fact that he is disassociated from his mother. He begins a moral decline with drug usage and anonymous sex and thoughts of suicide. He seems no reason to continue living—he has no friends, his lovers have gone away and he is lonely.

What really interested me in the movie was the lack of emotional ties between and among the characters especially in the sex scenes which are filmed both darkly and brutally. The characters are what are important in this film. It would seem that a movie that deals with suicide would be a downer and this is where the surprise comes. There is optimism here and the movie does end on a happy note.

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