“The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror”

The Sahara Salvation Inn

Amos Lassen

MoDean Pictures gives us their first feature presentation, “The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror”, a very funny film. It is a combination of horror and camp as well as a parody of sex comedies. Ably directed by Jaymes Thompson, the film has gone on to play at several GLBT festivals to wide acclaim.

Helen and Luella, a mother-daughter team run a bed and breakfast that has seen better days. It has charm and wonderful mincemeat muffins baked by the two “God-fearing” women.

It is the time of year for the biggest gay party weekend and five couples who had not made advance reservations for a place to stay end up at Luella and Helen’s Sahara Salvation Inn. Here they are in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere, at “a small slice of paradise here in the desert” as they suddenly realize that all is not what it seems. Evil seems to be lurking somewhere and hidden agendas and dark secrets come to light along with “Manfred—perhaps the most horrifying creature ever created for film”.

Among those dropping into the bed and breakfast are “performers”, Dom and Alex, lipstick lesbians, Deborah and Gabby, dripping in sophistication, Mike and Eric, a “guppie” power couple who have Lizette, their annoying fag-hag friend in tow. Then there are struggling folk singer and tomboy, Starr and Brenda and finally we have Rodney and Todd, sugar daddy and personal trainer. Everyone is ready to enjoy gaydom’s biggest party and what should be a weekend of pure fun turns out to be a nightmare…to say the least.

There is nothing serious about this film. It is pure fun and has no pretensions of being anything else. Overlooking the amateurish acting and sometimes weak story line, this is a movie to simply enjoy and not think about, Sure, I groaned a few times while watching it but I also laughed a lot and for me that is what is important. Life is serious and to be pondered and sometimes we just need to escape for a while.

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