“The Flight of the Conchords”

Over the Top

Amos Lassen

I came across the two DVD set of “The Flight of the Conchords” quite by accident and I am so glad I did. I really needed a good laugh and I got more than expected. This set in the first season of the HBO series and as usual the cable channel has kept its reputation high The two guys, Jermaine Lement and Bret McKenzie who are known as Flight of the Conchord are New Zealanders, known for folk parody. In the series they come to New York with the determination to conquer America one fan at a time.

The two disc set contains twelve episodes that deal with such topics as unrequited love, criminals who have no concept of what they are doing, wild parties and the one fan of the duo. The episodes are pure fun and it is the delivery of the material that makes each show amazing. Bret and Jermaine approach each situation with utmost seriousness and this adds a good amount of wit to virtually every comment they make. The humor is subtle—it is far from loud guffaws but it is smiles all the way through. The show is unique in a very strange way—it is low key with great performances. All of what makes great comedy is in this series. It is both funny and silly and the music is wonderful as it expresses our innermost thoughts.

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