“THE DEADBEAT CLUB”– outcast teens

“The Deadbeat Club”

Outcast Teens

Amos Lassen

“The Deadbeat Club” is deadbeat. There was obviously an idea here that got lost somewhere.

The cast seems as if it was chosen right off of the street and what we get is a low budget film with no depth.

The movie is about a small town and how it is ready to reject new town members. When one of the families that did not fit in lost everything due to a house fire, a teenager feels compelled to help. She slowly wins over other members of the town—the other outcasts and they come together to help the devastated family. The movie makes you rethink what the concept of right is and what is perceived to be right. Beneath the lousy script and really bad acting, there is something here.

The teens get together to put on a talent show to raise money. One of the kids is a gay boy and this is his coming out. When the talent show finally takes place it is just terrible and reaches an all time low when a youngster warbles “Jesus Loves Me”.

Remember those terrible productions when the neighborhood kids got together during summer vacation and had nothing to do? They would put on a show and it was really bad. That’s what we have here.

The film is a lesson in charity and realizing what is really important in life. If he dialog had been less preachy, if the cast had been better actors, if the script had made more sense and if the director had directed, we might have had a better movie.

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