“THE BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW”–six episodes plus extras

“The Big Gay Sketch Show: The Complete Unrated First Season”

Six Episodes plus Extras

Amos Lassen

Since we do not get Logo on our cable channels in Arkansas, I have been looking forward to watching “The Big Gay Show’. It comes nicely packaged as a two disc set—one disc contains the episodes and the other has the bonus features which include more sketches, interviews a very sexy music video by Team Pimp and lots more. There is actually a third disc which came as a bit of a surprise and it has three extra episodes from The Outlaugh Festival and it is hosted by Margaret Cho. This bonus extra makes purchasing the set worthwhile.

“The Big Gay Sketch Show” has a cast of eight of the newest and freshest upcoming gay comedians who try their best to make us laugh. Unfortunately the show plays to the basest elements of gay life and instead of being really funny; it seemed to me that the comedians were making fun. I guessed the majority of the punch lines way before they were delivered and almost all of the dealt with the stereotypes that so many of us have tried to ignore. I am not exactly sure if the cast understands what comedy is. Most of the jokes are lame and the entire show reeks of schlock. Gay people can make jokes about other things than being gay and when the cast does, these jokes succeed. The gay/lesbian jokes are just not that funny although the canned laugh track seems to think so. The guys and gals are talented but they are wasted here.

The sketches are varied from Madonna to gay vampires and from “Tranny 911” to “The Gay Facts of Life”. There were plenty places where we can laugh at ourselves but somehow the show just did not gel. What a pity when there is such talent.

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