“SUPER 8 1/2”– super bad Bruce

“Super 8 ½”

Super Bad Bruce

Amos Lassen

Bruce LaBruce is called the bad boy of queer cinema and it is easy to see why. He holds nothing back and uses a lot of graphic sex to get his points across. He uses his queer sensibilities both to tell a story and to shock and in “Super 8 ½” he manages to do both. This is an overlong semi-biographical film with a lot of weird things going on and graphic sex. LaBruce also stars in the film but he is aided by cameo walk-ons by Scott Thompson, Richard Kern and Vaginal Cream Davis. I am not exactly sure how to classify this movie as it is very strange but it does have a place in the canon of gay film. LaBruce tore down a great many walls and taboos and is one of the few gay auteurs whose movies are their calling cards.

Would I recommend this film? Sure I would if you are interested in the history of queer film. LaBruce is one of the shakers and movers and because of his efforts gay cinema has blossomed.

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