“SUNKISSED”–it could have been so good

“Sun Kissed”

It Could Have Been so Good

Amos Lassen

Sometimes a movie has everything going for it and just doesn’t make it> “Sun Kissed” (Wolfe Releasing) is one such movie. The cinematography is lush and beautiful, the music is enchanting, the actors are good looking, the plot has possibilities and the movie falls flat.

The music is by rockers “The Sea and the Cake” is what stands out in this movie and the music should be good as the writer-director, Patrick McGuinn, is the son of former Byrds band member Roger McGuinn. If the songs were not there the plot would have been a disaster and the underlying bisexual theme would have suffered. Yet the music alone cannot make a good movie. What “Sin Kissed” seems to be is an Irish stew of a movie that ordinarily would be a fine short but as a full length movie, I found it boring.

The movie opens with a very good-looking man driving a truck along a desert highway. He stops to pick up another good-looking man waiting at a bus stop. Thus begins a romance which is filmed as soft core porn. What appears to be the plot is something like this: Teddy (John Ort) is a budding novelist and is staying at the isolated home of a benefactor so that he can focus on his writing. He meets Leo (Gregory Marcel) and can’t seem to think about anything else but him. Suddenly the plot switches both locations and chronologies and no explanation is given why. What could have been a beautiful love story becomes nonsense and questions are left unanswered and even if we knew the answers to some of the questions I do not think we would have cared.

When Leo and Teddy first meet they have sex after a beautiful interlude in the sun. But that is really the only part of the film that seems real. Independent films have been so good lately then along comes “Sun Kissed” with its poor and clumsy editing and horrible close-ups and the overuse of the word “amazing”. If this isn’t the worst movie I have ever seen, it surely comes close. It does have redeeming features though-good looking men, nudity and great music.

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