“STRAY CATS”– a parody

“Stray Cats” (“MGA Pusang Gala”)

A Parody

Amos Lassen

The Philippines has been active lately supplying us with interesting films. The newest “Stray Cats” (Ariztical Entertainment) is a parody on adult relationships and romantic couplings. Two hopelessly romantic friends negotiate for fair and equal treatment by their relatives and eventually they are able to free themselves from the romantic traps they have fallen into.

The thesis of Ellen Marfil’s film is the sharing of equity. The project of “Stray Cats” began as a laboratory play by Jun Lana and what evolved on the screen is a satire on adult romantic relationships. The movie is replete with eroticism and fantasies. “Stray Cats” tells two parallel stories both dealing with love. One concerns a middle-aged woman and a female advertising agent while the other is about her friend who shares her duplex home—a gay novelist. They three pine and lament their lovers to make a commitment in their relationships. None seem to be on the horizon so they decide to take matters into their own hands.

Major Filipino actors take part in the film—Ricky Davao, Irma Adlawan, Reggie Curley and Lauren Novero. Shot digitally the movie is not only pleasing to the eye and has a great deal to say about the meaning of love. Present day gender relations are looked at in which they have never been looked at before—with depth and they are treated quite seriously.

An extremely sexy film, “Stray Cats” looks as if it is the film to make a mark on the international cinema community. Well done and thoughtful, there is a lot to consider in this film.

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