“Sebastian and Seline”–the fabulous life

Anderson, Robin. “Sebastian and Seline”, Athena Press, 2009.

The Fabulous Life

Amos Lassen

Robin Anderson has a great knack for satire and he uses it on the beautiful people and he is very funny if not caustic.

Sebastian and Seline are twins and they manage to get themselves into situations that seem unbelievable at first. There is a lot of sex and a great deal of frolic but beneath the fun there is a serious side here as well. (I would never disclose what that is so you will just have to read the book). This all has to do with identity and since we live in a world where change is constant we see that is also true with people. One day we know someone as say, Bill and the next day he may be something different altogether.

Our twins, Sebastian and Seline were raised in upper class splendor in South Africa. Their paradise however, has an evil side to it in the form of Grandpa Shake Tyson. They live a life of misery because of him but manage to escape to London and then Europe and the Americas using their bodies to create their own kind of art. There is something very strange about their “art” and it could have to do with their “secret” loves.

We get a look at all kinds of human behavior as Anderson gives us a tongue-in-cheek look at the world in a way we seldom get. As you read you find yourself asking if this is real or is it all put-on and that is the beauty of the book and the author. I am not sure how to take him so I do it as a laugh and hope that I am correct. This is like nothing you have ever read before and if you have the chance to read something like it again, you can be pretty sure that it is from the pen of Robin Anderson.

As of right now the book has no American publisher but should soon, Anderson’s comic nature is too good and too wild for only part of the world to enjoy.

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