“STARBOOTY”–RuPaul sashays across the screen


RuPaul Sashays Across the Screen

Amos Lassen

We haven’t heard much from RuPaul recently in the movies but he is back and wilder than ever. This time we have the supermodel of the world as a heroine that is a combination of Cleopatra Jones and Foxy Brown—a police “woman” who instead of just fighting crime must come to terms with horny tricks, performing oral sex on Lady Bunny and various other hilarious situations as Starrbooty goes undercover in the Meat Packing District of New York City. “SB” is searching for the person(s) who kidnapped her niece. The movie pays homage to “Foxy Brown” and “Naked Gun” but filled with gratuitous sex, drag queens and violence.

RuPaul says that the new “Starrbooty” has “everything I love about movies. It has bitches who are kicking ass in hot, gorgeous outfits and tons of hair and make-up and guys with big d***ks who are willing to show them”.
The movie is excessively funny with its super twisted subject matter. “It is funny, so rotten and so crazy!” says the former supermodel of the world.

One of the most talked about scenes happens when Starrbooty is forced to “go all the way” with johns to gain credibility on the streets of the Big Apple.

The movie is a virtual who’s who list of cameo performances by some of New York’s most famous drag queens and porn stars.The film has been released on DVD and it is totally irreverent and very, very funny (in a crass way).

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