“Southern Belles”


Amos Lassen

Living in Arkansas, we can really appreciate this film, especially its irreverence. Bell and Belle, two life-long friends, decide to move to Atlanta. Bell is fed up with working in a variety store but it is not easy just to pick up and leave. Her rap-loving “cracker” boyfriend is driving a car that is in her name. She has to figure out what to do so she can get away.

There is nothing subtle in this movie. Everything is in your face. Ana Faris and Laura Breckenridge are Bell and Belle, respectively. They feel that their trailer park lives are taking them nowhere and that Atlanta holds fame and fortune. They do not realize what this move can cost them and what they go through in their new surroundings is what makes this movie so wonderful.

The movie is intelligent because it does not take itself seriously. It pays tongue-in-cheek homage to “Gone With the Wind”, “Thelma and Louise” and other southern themed and road films. The writers make fun of southern life while at the same time maintain deep compassion for the characters. The real joy of the film, however, is the cast. Like “Sordid Lives”, they seem to be having a great time making the movie.

There is so much to see here—nuance-wise that you have to watch it twice or ore to catch it all. You will undoubtedly notice that the actors are playing directly to the cameras making the film a “shove-it-down-the-viewer’s-throat” kind of film and it as if the filmmakers are saying,” YOU will be involved in this movie”.

The only unfair thing I saw was the over-abundance of Confederate flags that we see. No matter where you look, there they are. On the other hand, the girls say grace before they eat.

“Southern Belles” is nutty, hilarious, sweetest, corniest movies you will ever see it. It is also quite wonderful and the ending is just unbelievable. It doesn’t mock he south, we do that well ourselves. It just shows us as the fun-loving people that we are.

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