“SOCKET”–dark and wonderful


Dark and Wonderful

Amos Lassen

“Socket” is an amazing film with something for everyone. It is sexual, it is science fiction, it is dark, and it has comedy (and naked men). It is absolutely, in my opinion THE gay film to see. Sean Abley who wrote and directed “Socket” has made a film that he can be very proud of.

Derek Long plays Bill Matthews, a surgeon, who after being struck by lightning on a beach, finds himself no longer in control of himself. He begins his recuperation in the same hospital where he works and there he meets Craig Murphy (who you may remember from Cinema Pride’s screenings of “Long-Term Relationship” and “Back Soon”). Murphy is handsome and handsome who sees something in Matthews. It seems that he to has been struck by lightning and after telling Matthews about his own adventure, he adds that he has had some very odd desires since the occurrence. He then invites Matthews to a meeting of people like them.

Matthews finds himself drawn into the group meeting where he meets others who have been hit by lightning and all of whom have a craving for electric current. Murphy becomes Matthews’ guide and watches his friend becoming immersed in the group and sees that a relationship is beginning between the two men. As Matthews recuperates from the lightning, his body has an increased appetite for electric shocks which seem to be drug like in nature. The two men and the other members of the group begin to “juice up” more frequently as time goes by.

Matthews discovers a way to place sockets and prongs into the wrists of members of the group and they become able to “mainline” current or plug into each other to form circuits. I am sure some of you are thinking what a bizarre film this must be but I am sure you recognize what electric current represents here and this is a major problem in our community.

When a random encounter with a mugger occurs and results in the death of the assailant (quite by accident but due to the electrical prongs in Matthew’s wrist which were jammed into the man’s skull. The electrical impulses that control the human body were downloaded into the surgeon’s body and he realizes he has found a whole new level to his addiction. What happens next will have to wait until you see the movie.

Everything about “Socket” is a delight. The actors are great, the script is not only interesting but exciting, the sets are dark and relay the basic theme of the film and the direction is perfect. Granted the idea behind the film may seem to be a little far removed from reality, when you consider the extent that addiction of any kind plays in society, you realize that beneath what you see is a very strong message.

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