“SLUTTY SUMMER”–here’s entertainment

“Slutty Summer”

Here’s Entertainment

Amos Lassen

Despite the title, “Slutty Summer”, Casper Andreas’s full length feature is quite enjoyable and very entertaining. It also hits quite close to home (not my home but I am sure we all know someone that this has happened to).

Markus is a good looking and well built writer who comes home to find his boyfriend of four years nude and with another man. He walks out and begins life as a single man and takes a job as a waiter at a very hot restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. He meets a whole new circle of friends and everyone has advice to give him o how to find love in the big city. One on of the guys, Peter, is waiting for Mr. Wonderful while Marilyn maintains that by following what she calls her dating commandments, true love can easily be found. Then there is Luke who is only too eager to share the details of his sex life. Markus falls for a good looking model by the name of Tyler—a guy who is not into relationships because he feels that love is no more than a fleeting emotion. What follows is a fun ride through the twists and turns of romance, allowing sensible advice to sit in the back seat.

This low budget film by Casper Andreas who wrote, produced, directed and acted in is sheer fun. The story is not new but it is just fine to have a look at it from a different point of view. The cast is made up of newbies and they present characters we all know. When Markus’s new friends bring him to deal with his single status, they all join in together to go through all the trails of love and sex. Here is a light comedy with a cast that performs wonderfully. As you watch it you almost feel like you are spying on the happenings.

Before I saw the movie myself, I read some very critical reviews but being a critic myself, I decided to se it anyway and I was pleasantly surprised. I felt as if I was really watching the real happenings f a bunch of young gay men. All of the characters are multi-dimensional and Andreas as Markus is likeable, real and totally believable. Andreas clearly is a man with talent and I am sure we will see more of him in the future.

Even though this movie is primarily for a gay audience, what it has to say is not only for gay people.

There were lots of laughs and a happy ending. As stereotypical as the characters were they were also very, very real. We all know people like those in the movie and that is one of the reasons that this movie is so much fun. When you listen to the conversations of the actors in the film, you will undoubtedly remember when you talked with your friends on the same topics. Another big plus is that every one n the film is good looking.

Sure I can find things to criticize but why should I bother? The good points outweigh the bad points so I won’t even bother addressing them. Others have done all the negative criticism and I wonder if those that did even have a sense of humor. It is not often that you can bring a movie home, pop it in your DVD player and just have a good time. It s not just about sex in the city, it is about getting along with others and learning how to survive in a man eat man world. I had a great time.

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