“SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT”–laughing and crying

“Shake It All About”

Laughing and Crying

Amos Lassen

Jacob is a young man who is used to getting everything he wants. He has been living the life of a happy homosexual with his partner Jorgen and he decides to ask Jorgen to marry him. Jorgen says yes with pleasure but then something happens—Jacob falls in love with a girl and it so happens that the girl, Caroline, is married to Jorgen’s younger brother. This of course complicates matters and Jacob must decide with whom to spend the rest of his life—Jorgen or Caroline. The problem is that he wants both. When Caroline becomes pregnant by Jacob, things get even more mixed up.

“Shake” is a romantic comedy about Jacob and Caroline falling in love. This should not be a problem with the exception that Jacob is involved with Caroline’s brother-in-law and she herself has a husband. The film deals with how long it takes until someone ends up with the person he really loves.

There are some performances in this film and the editing and cinematography is excellent. Jacob is such a spoiled kid and he wants it all—his boyfriend and his girlfriend. The movie is filled with gay stereotypes and the flaws of the movie are generally those problems that deal with romance. Yet the film is so appealing that it is easy to overlook the problems. Scandinavian movies always have a unique look at homosexuality and this one is no exception. It is charming and very funny with several unexpected twists in the plot.

This is a feel good movie. The characters are what make it endearing. The film asks for your sympathy and it does so through its marvelous characters. They are all originals and there are many characters.

If you can find a copy, sit down and spend a great hour and a half laughing at the improbable situation. You won’t regret having done so.

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