Nice Try

Amos Lassen

“Sex, Politics & Cocktails” could have been a great movie but somewhere along the way to the box-office and in the editing room. There are some good performances but for some reason the movie seemed to go on and on and on.

Sebastian Cortez, a filmmaker suddenly finds himself too old and incapable of love. He embarks on a quest to find the right person for him and asks his friend Darla, a tour guide to help him. She, in turn, introduces him to several of her gay friends and Sebastian goes on the ride of his life. Sebastian is a willing student and learns all kinds of new things—how to have the most powerful climax, how-to have a three way what is a penis makeover.  He is forced to navigate through a Hollywood e does not know and becomes involved in sexual politics, Is he gay or is he bi or is he a straight guy experimenting? Can a girl turn a straight guy into a gay guy? Is this his true behavior or are the margaritas he drinks doing the talking for him? These are the very important questions that will be answered in the film. It is funny, it is acerbic and it is about the universal search for finding a mate. Thus is a comedy for all regardless of sexual identity.

Did I contradict myself? No I don’t think I did. All the good stuff is there and some parts of the movie are very good but what is bad should have been cut. Unfortunately if that had happened we would have only had a half hour film. What is bad is awful and what is good is brilliant.

Julian Hernandez as Sebastian is attractive and a likeable enough character. He carries the whole film but that is because with the exception of two other characters no one in this movie can really act. When he gets involved in making a gay documentary, he begins to come out which takes way too long. He could have done it in 15 minutes instead of a little more than 85. This is the main problem—there is so much padding and because of that we miss the love story Yet when he does find hi partner, all the bad parts of the movie seem to fade away. When they kiss, we forget all of the minor useless characters and their bad lots in life.

I really wanted to like this film, I saw such potential here but the sum of its parts just did not make a whole. “S, P & C” is just another of those movies about 30 year olds who avoid relationships. There is not a whole lot new—some of the gags are funny but we have seen the al before under different guises. There were too many camera tricks that did not work, too many flashbacks. A genius could have made something of the film but an amateur like Hernandez seemed lost.

Now one of the good points is that you will laugh and laugh some more. It does give some insight into gay life and the film is light. But lightness and a few good jokes do not make a good film necessarily. Yet I do see great promise and when Hernandez settles down and decides to find a real script, I think we will all have a treat.

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