“SCARED NEW WOLRD”– the collapse

“Scared New World”

The Collapse

Amos Lassen

“Scared New World” is a true independent film reminiscent of the types of films John Cassevetes would make. Interesting as a series of character studies, it leaves much to the audience to decide.

Alma is a 25 year old pot dealer and has an 8 year old son. She exists from day to day with little care and less motivation. She has a roommate named Vargas a male, who works hard on a literary project that has never been seen by anyone but Vargas says that it will change “literature as we know it”. He waits to hear if he has been awarded a grant that will pay him $40,000 for two years.

Penny is a 19 year old foreign exchange student who is in love with California and on her own for the first time is moving into their Alma and Vargas’s apartment. She has begun to explore her sexuality with two different people-one, a man and the other, a woman. Then along comes Patricia, ill with cancer. She appears at Alma’s in need of medical marijuana. Alma offers her the marijuana in exchange for babysitting services and as time goes on the women begin to depend upon each other. Alma begins trying to grow pot on a larger scale but she knows of no place except for a farm belonging to her father that he is in danger of losing because of unpaid back taxes. The three characters are all on the verge of moving their lives in dangerous directions.

This is not a happy movie. In demands attention and thought but the thought will bring you great rewards. The music is lush and beautiful as is the cinematography. Interesting and thought provoking, this, in my opinion, is what movie making is all about.

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