“SAINT OF 9/11”–gay heroism

“SAINT OF 9/11”

Gay Heroism

Amos Lassen

9/11 is a day many of us will never forget and regardless of the horror and fear that we associate with that fateful date we are indeed proud of the gay men and women who took part in it. “Saint of 9/11” is a documentary of one of the brave gay individuals who lost his life. The film presents the turbulence and spirituality of Father Mychal Judge, a compassionate champion of the needy and the forgotten. His tenure as chaplain of the New York Fire Department forced him into iconoclasm. He was rousing and a balladeer. Father Mychal also wrestled with his own demons at the same time he was touching others in both powerful and miraculous ways. When September 11 occurred he was already familiar with the pain of loss and battling alcoholism. He was outspoken about Alcoholics Anonymous and he was an openly gay man who loved the priesthood.

“Saint” gives us an inside picture of the spiritual adventure of his life in which the love of alcohol and the love of men took center stage. The movie is about a life that was interrupted too early and as the film shows his utter humanity, it also shows a man who was fighting with himself. The movie is a celebration of his life and gives him the kind of memorial that all of his would love to have but few of us deserve. His life was for others—firemen, the homeless, the sick and the outcast. As much as the loved the church, he did what he thought was right because he knew that was the way it should be done and many times he was at odds with his church.

The movie is a series of interviews with those who knew him best—his friends. This is an absolutely wonderful documentary and gives us the inside of a man who meant so much to so many. There is so much new here that it is a learning experience. This moving tribute will bring tears to your eyes at the same time it will have you chuckling. Ian McKellan serves as the voice of Father Mychal and as the narrator of the film.

The movie is brand new on DVD and if you have the chance don’t miss it. It will show you the goodness of man and at the same time will allow you have a little bit of that horrible day, 9/11 with you for a long time.

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