“ROCK HAVEN”–religious polarization

“Rock Haven”

Religious Polarization

Amos Lassen

Of late there has been much said about religion, sexuality and romance. The three meet head on in “Rock Haven” as a young man with deep spiritual convictions experiences his first feelings of love. Sean Hoagland, a new face on the screen, is Brady, a young man who is deeply involved in his own spirituality. His mother, Marty, moves the two of them to Rock Haven to set up a religious school near the town. Brady and his over protective mother go about setting up the school based upon their religious ideals but things come to a turning point when Clifford appears o the scene. Clifford possesses a worldliness that instantly charms young Brady who falls for his seductive charms and Clifford, likewise, is harming by the young man’s good looks and naiveté.  Of course, Brady is conflicted by his feelings which go against everything he has been taught and everything he believes in. However, Clifford’s charm is overwhelming and Brady is forced into coming to terms with his devoutly Christian beliefs.

Here is a movie that many Arkansans should be able to identify with. We all know the difficulties of being gay and living in the “Bible belt”. In this sensual love story, directed by David Lewis (who previously gave us “Under One Roof”—a comedic look at a gay Chinese-American juggling tradition with sexuality), we get a look at the joys and the pains of first love. Yet there is more than that here.  We also have the story of how a young man chooses not to abandon his religious and spiritual ideals but finds a higher ground in which to practice what he believes. We get a sense of unity between God and man and man and love as we take a look at the “transformative power of faith” through a spiritual meditation.

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