“QUEER DUCK”–quack, quack


Quack, Quack

Amos Lassen

“Queer Dick: The Movie” is a full-length version of Showtime’s highly irreverent cartoon series and written by one of the writers for “The Simpsons”. Basically it is parody of gay stereotypes and those who are involved in homophobia. The main character is a gay duck who loves Babs and his fabulous friends: Oscar Wildcat, Openly Gator, and Bi-Polar Bear. As Queer Duck makes a noble attempt to go straight with the help of a Christian fundamentalist preacher horse, we get some very gay humor and hysterical musical numbers. But there is a major problem. What worked so well in three minute segments does not hold interest during a full length movie. There are some glowing moments but by and large, the movie begins to dull after fifteen minutes. There seems to be a plot but it is so loosely structured that it appears as if it were made on as time went along.

n the movie, Queer Duck with the voice of Jim J. Bullock, is happily n love with his partner for life, Openly Gator,

but their relationship is put in jeopardy when the legend of the Broadway stage, Lola Buzzard meets Gator who proposes to him.

He decides that he wants to go straight to marry her.

This seems o be an excuse to bring in the fundamentalist Christians as well as poke fun at the gays who live for Broadway musicals. Even with some very funny jokes, this does not seem to work in order to supply a full length movie. Some of the puns are really sad and the double entendrrs are at times insulting while some of the other material is passé.

It seems s if this was an attempt to cash inon the success of South Park but the songs are silly and some of the jokes just are not funny or seem funny at first until the laugh turns to a yawn, Satire, this is not. Poking fun is only successful when the targets can be ridiculed with really good humor. The movie tries to be risqué and only is mildly funny. I found it to be boring and shameless. In an attempt to combat homophobia, it becomes homophobic in itself and this is inexcusable. I think we are willing and even eager to laugh at our foibles but not when the jokes hit below the belt. An attempt to satirize becomes insulting and we can insult ourselves without having to watch a DVD.

The idea is great and it could have been great if done properly. Perhaps this is because a straight man wrote the show and not one of our own that caused it to fall so flat. I loved the short “Queer Duck” cartoons but my stomach is just strong enough to take a full length movie which, at best, seems to be condescending.

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