“PANTASYA”– dreams come true


Dreams Come True

Amos Lassen

All of us have dreams some of which are as erotic as Waterbearer’s newest release, “Pantasya”. For most of us there is little more than dreams but in this films dreams come true in amazing reality and detail.

Brillante Mendoza who gave us the masseur now gives us a very different film. Here are five soft-core and erotic fantasies of men who wear uniforms. We get a beautiful show of Asian male skin and a great deal of imagination. Filmed in the Philippines, this is a delightful film to watch. The episodes are entwined and are as tasteful as they are sexy.

The first fantasy a gay teenager stops a taxi and finds love and comfort inside. Next a lonely man whose phone is not working calls the phone company and gets both his phone and himself taken care of. The two lineman who come do a fix-it job unlike any the phone company has ever given me. In the third episode which takes place after a basketball game, a new ballgame takes place in the locker room. Then there is tale that hits home for many of us—the pizza boy. The sad delivery boy was having a really lousy night until he delivers a pizza to a bored gat yuppie who was working late. Finally two lovers quarrel and go their separate ways until one meets a security guard who offers to let him cry on his shoulder.

Is it loneliness that brings about such fantasies? It seems so in this film which Mendoza has managed to capture so beautifully. It is sheer pleasure to watch this film and even though the sex is soft-core, it is very erotic and the movie is extremely sensual.

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