“OUTLAUGH!”–lots of laughs


Lots of Laughs

Amos Lassen

Wolfe Video put out “Outlaugh!” with some of the funniest gay and lesbian comics ever—Lea DeLaria, Bob Smith, Jason Stuart, Karen Ripley, Sabrina Matthews, Bill Cruz and many others. What should be a laugh fest only evokes a few mild giggles. With the very best of gay humor on one DVD I should have been rolling on the floor in laughter.

“Outlaugh” was filmed in July, 2005 at Santa Monica, California at the first ever all queer comedy festival. The DVD takes you not only onstage but backstage as well and features the best moments of the festival. It did not hit me.

A lot of the humor was just bad and not funny in the least and that is a disappointment, However, there are a few really funny comedians with some very good jokes and that saves this 69 (what a convenient number) minute DVD form falling on its face. Notably missing was Ant who could have put this whole show in his back pocket and walked off.  I do imagine, though, that if you have a few drinks and have some good friends around while you watch it, you will probably enjoy it. As usual, Lea DeLaria steals the show

  1. “OUTLAUGHS”– Lots of Laughs | Reviews by Amos Lassen

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