Amos Lassen

“Out of the Past” is one of those movies that almost defy description. I am not sure what it is exactly/ it appears to be a documentary which I suppose is the only classification into which it will fit. I found it to be a sincere retelling of gay and lesbian history from the beginnings of the struggle for equal rights but rather than appears as simply a record of what we went through, it s rather a tribute to the way we live today. As I watched t, I thought to myself that the people who lead the struggle are the bravest people in the world. We have always known that we are “normal”, but who would have thought we would have to go through so much to prove it? As the film weaves the past, present and future together, I could not help but sit there and stare at the screen in wonder and feel proud of what these people did.

Everyone should one to see this wonderful depiction of our history. It inspires and motivates like few other films have been able to do.

The movie opens with a group of teenagers in Utah and then looks at the important events in our history. “Out of the Past” is not about the quest for special privileges. All we really want is to be equal to everyone else and the film shows that this is not too much to request. Yet, instead of getting equal rights we have received special discrimination. Many of the people in the film have succeeded in making gay life better and it is the personal aspects of the film that make it so special.

We are everywhere, we do everything and we are not going away. We have always been and we will always be. It is so important that we have a pest and we need to learn about it and cherish it.

The filmmakers show genius in telling our story. It is not loaded with facts but is heavy with human interest and told via the struggles of Kelli Peterson, a high schooler who challenged her high school to register a Gay Straight Alliance as a club at her school. It then takes her challenge and compares it to the other struggles we have faced.

It is important for us to know of our many contributions to the history of our country as we all need a sense of belonging and this is what the film gives us. It is not a false sense of pride that it instills but rather the real thing. As it opens our eyes we realize how much we have been denied and it is a dose of reality—not only to us but to everyone else as well. The reality of history speaks for itself and the movie allows us to understand how history influences our lives.

“Out of the Past” is a beautiful movie that we all need to see. It validates us and gives us the feeling that we are indeed like everyone else. Our sexual lives are but a small part of who we are and should be looked at like that. Don’t miss this chance to explore yourself.

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