“COWBOY JUNCTION”–so you want to be a cowboy?


So you want to be a cowboy?

Amos Lassen

“Cowboy Junction” (Ariztical Entertainment) is not only the name of the movie but the name of the place which is a desert wasteland and a desolate place which is filled with sex, lies and weapons. Not much can be counted on there but a bullet in the head which seems to be a way of life.  Two residents of Cowboy Junction experience changes to their lives and they may never recover.

This is a movie that could have gone great places f only a little directorial control had been used. The cowboy is just unbelievably good looking but when he opens his mouth to speak, you just want to groan.  Somehow this hot cowboy manages to mess up a marriage. It must be incredible to have that kind of power. If he had just stood there, dropped his pants and posed, we would have all gone crazy but instead he chose to say something and his beauty dissipated.

The premise of the movie was promising and the script was really good but somehow what could have been a great movie turned out to be a mediocre one. Now, let me say, that with all of its faults, I actually enjoyed watching it. The sets and photography were fine, the sound was a bit off, and the editing needed work. I read a review that said the plot was pointless but I have to disagree. There was a plot and it had a point but the movie never seemed to be concerned with making that point. It hurts to watch a movie that has great potential fall flat but I look at it as a learning experience. I would not pan a movie because it didn’t get to where it was headed. Instead I try to understand why.

The director, who also has a role in the film, undoubtedly used the film to see how far he could go. I think the success of “Brokeback Mountain” has allowed some of us to rethink the entire cowboy concept and obviously this movie is am ode to old West. The cowboy has always held a certain mysticism for gay men and it is good to see the cowboy genre begin resurgence but it just did not work. I am not discounting the film altogether but it is difficult to see the company that released both “Eating Out” movies, which are so enjoyable, become involved with a movie that just doesn’t go anywhere. The potential is there, it was just not used. Hopefully the director has learned something from this experience and will not make the same mistake again.

As I sit back and reread this review, I notice that I have surprised myself. I never give a bad review and suddenly I am reading unkind words. I do not mean them to be such but rather words of encouragement for other projects. Do not be discouraged, watch the movie. It is not all bad and it is entertaining.

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