“The DVD Murders”– a gay hero

Frey, Bob. “The DVD Murders”, Infinity Publishing, 2009.

A Gay Hero

Amos Lassen

Bob Frey gives us a unique new mystery with “The DVD Murders”. Frank Callahan is a good looking gay detective and he and his partner Barry work together. However, there is a problem and its name is Moose Koehler, a homophobic gay basher with a filthy mouth and he makes trouble. He enjoys two things-bashing gays and hitting on women. When a major actor is killed, a DVD is found next to the body and soon afterwards a lead actress is also found murdered. Following this comes a letter which states that the murderer is intent on getting rid of everyone that has anything to do with the “Hollywood agenda”. When an agent leaves town because of the way the investigation is going he becomes the focus of the entire case. Yet another letter arrives but this time it is sent to the media and it talks about the degeneration of America and it includes a demand that the writer’s manifesto be published in the newspaper.

Someone is killing the A-list of Hollywood and Frank and Barry are out to find out who is doing this and the reasons for it.
Frey has given us some terrific characters here and he definitely has some insight into the gay lifestyle (for lack of a better word). I found myself turning the pages as quickly as I could. The writing is excellent and the plot keeps you guessing.

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