The “BUMP” Series–looking at “Bump”

Looking at “Bump!”

Gay Travel DVDs

Amos Lassen

“Bump!” is the very first gay and lesbian travel television series and Alluvial Filmworks (Village Lighthouse) is releasing it. The first two have just been released as you can see in my reviews here at The series is tailored to our community’s tastes and each installment which will be released during the next seven years presents a gay-friendly destination in a format that is not only informative but upbeat, stylish and fun.

Each DVD will take the viewer on a personal tour of the place and will include interviews with local residents as well as with celebrities, personalities and gay icons. We get an in-depth look at the social scene of each site visited and we visit all of the places that have something to offer our community—coffeehouses, beaches, historical sites, nightclubs, shopping, parties and whatever else may arise.

“Bump!” makes it easy for us to visit places we may never have the opportunity to get to.

The hosts, Charlie David (from “Dante’s Cove) and playwright Shannon McDonough guide us as we visit many different places.

“Bump!” is sure to find its place as the authority for travel information and entertainment for us. We get new aspects about so many places that it is amazing. I understand that major video stores will carry the series and the DVDs are also available to rent from Netflix and also for sale at and

I have seen the first two, one on Mexico and the other on Great Britain and enjoyed them both.

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