“OH HAPPY DAY”–predictably funny

“Oh Happy Day”

Predictably Funny

Amos Lassen

If you love sitcoms, I am sure you will love “Oh Happy Day”. It is a very funny look at gay relationships and it is a very enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. The performances and the script are good.

Two guys must battle through the consequences of having met, had sex and then begin working together at the same place and learning to make that relationship work. The only problem is that everything is predictable. Everything in the move seems designed to move the plot along and at times it seems to be quite contrived.

I actually thoroughly enjoyed the movie and looked at as a genesis for the young director to be able to do greater things in the future. There s a great deal of potential here and I feel it is going to explode into something really big.

The use of an interracial couple for the two leads is a nice twist and it shows, to some degree, how varied our community is. A little polish and a more serious script for the cast of this film will unquestionably bring something great in the future.

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