“NO ORDINARY LOVE”– indie and amateur

“No Ordinary Love”

Indie and Amateur

Amos Lassen

“No Ordinary Love” is more than one move—in fact, it is several movies rolled into one. Each story receives a portion of the total film. Because of that each story suffers because the viewer is forced to bring the stories together as the characters are interrelated. In fact, the movie plays like a soap opera and if this is what you like than you will undoubtedly enjoy this film.

Because it is an independent, low-budget film the acting and production values influence the entire movie but that did not stop me from enjoying it.

Dealing with a group of roommates (for lack of a better word), who get wrapped up in things that are way above them, there is the possibility for a good storyline. It is indeed unfortunate that the acting is so poor in what could have been such a good movie. The idea for the plot was good but the actors were only fair to really lousy. What a shame—this could have been so good.

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