“NINE LIVES”–scenes of sex

“Nine Lives”

Scenes of Sex

Amos Lassen

Looking at the sex lives of nine men is the subject of “Nine Lives” which is made up of nine monologues. The monologues are held together by sex scenes but the revelations that we hear in the monologues are the “meat” of the film. We hear about aging, infidelity, being HIV positive, love, lust as well as drug and sex addiction or as some of you may say, all of the things that make life worth living. Michael Kearns (“Dream Man”) and Dean Howell are responsible for this film of our lives.

Kearns plays a middle-aged man from West Hollywood who has lost three lovers—one to the war in Vietnam and two to AIDS. He is now just searching for a good time. He meets a good looking Hispanic named Carlos who works for a couple in a long time dysfunctional relationship. There is Daniel, a closeted writer for television and Corey who suffers abuse from him. There is Mikey a drug dealer ad James a user and there are others, each with a story to tell.

Steamy hot sex in between the monologues keeps the interest level high. I loved the honesty of the film and found it to be revolutionary. It is such a true picture of the way so many live today. We do not have enough moves like this and even though the sex scenes are quite bold, they do not take away from the monologues.

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