“NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM”–a beautiful film

“Next Year in Jerusalem”

A Beautiful Film

Amos Lassen

“Next Year in Jerusalem” is the story of an Orthodox Jewish family living in Brooklyn. The oldest son is living at home with his parents and younger brothers and is being pressured to marry the girl his parents have chosen. He, however, is slowly beginning to realize that he is gay. He becomes re-acquainted with a school friend and watches as he comes out and this pushes him to come out as well.

There is a great deal of talent is very cheaply budgeted film. The acting by the two Jewish gay guys is nthing short of wonderful as are the women. The stry is deeply complex—one guy is far in the closet about being gay, the other is far in the closet about being Jewish. Their love pulls them out of their closets and the story and the dialog is excellent. Here is a beautifully important sotry dealing with gay love as opposed to religus conflict.

The story is an unusual coming-out story. The Jew is afaid of being considered unorthodox because he loves someone of his own sex and the gay guy is afraid of being Jewish because he will not be accepted. As the two men gradually evolve, the story becomes intense and love blossoms and wins out. I identified so much with this film that it was painful to watch as I saw so much of myself in it. I just feel badly that it could not have been made on a larger budget as the story’s so important.

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