“NAKED YOGA”–Aaron Starr’s hot nude yoga



Amos Lassen

I received two wonderful new DVD sets the other day. “Hot Nude Yoga Hawaii” and “Hot Nude Yoga”, both from Shanti Light.com. What can I say? I have just finished watching all eight hours and can’t wait to get naked and started doing what they tell me to do. These are beautiful DVDs—beautiful men, beautiful nudity, beautiful photography and beautiful music. Who could ask for more? They are a feast for the eye and healthy to boot.” Hawaii” is due out December 1 and if you are looking for a great Christmas gift, here it is. It is similar to the first boxed set which was filmed in New York except that the location is lush.

We all know that nudity is not a new idea. People were naked in the Garden of Eden. But Adam and Eve did not practice yoga. Both of these sets are explorations of both pleasure and trepidation—the pleasure of being naked and the trepidation—oh well, you know what I mean. Aaron Starr, the founder of the Hot Nude Yoga movement began this trend about five years ago and once you see these movies you will understand why the idea has caught on. Once you get over seeing so many naked men together at one time, you are in for a wonderful experience. These videos both stimulate you and help you to get in shape. As Starr tells us, yoga “is very much like therapy, a place where one can be sensual without being sexual”. Star explains that some of the naked men do have something pop up in yoga class but Starr explains that it is natural and that “men need to celebrate the erect penis. It is the point of power of one’s masculinity. This is where we get our creativity and life energy from.” The guys just continue their yoga practice and he adds that “it is no big deal”.

Now I am sure most of you are asking if I took my clothes ff as I watched the DVDs. I have to admit that I did but I kept thinking how much more I would have enjoyed the movies if I had someone there to exercise with. With these videos you can get in shape, get spiritual, and at the same time you can have a good look at the hot naked guy who is on the mat next to you. It wasn’t bad doing it alone but who really enjoys being alone and naked?

Being naked is liberating. When you take off your clothes you remove a layer of yourself—your defenses are down as you stand there in the most natural of all states. When you are naked you are closer to yourself as well as the person next to you. You experience an intimacy that you seldom feel as well as being relaxed and refreshed after the initial feeling you experience when you are naked. It is a feeling of well being.

I cannot say enough good things about these DVDS. As I practiced some of the exercises, I felt as if I was experiencing myself for the first time. The sets are photographed in wide screen format and they are both documentaries as well as instructional videos. The progression is easy. In the first video of “Hot Nude Yoga” the basic essentials are presented and then you move along to the second disc which is about developing strength and some of the exercises push the limits as you work on improving posture. In the third disc you work with a partner and body contact is developed. And there is the fourth disc which both promotes and encourages touch and body contact in a more sensual sense. This is the disc that makes the first set worthwhile, not that the other three discs are not worthwhile. It is the culmination, the tying together of everything you have learned. It also provides a way of adding spirituality to your sex life.

The second set. “Hot Nude Yoga Hawaii” is a documentation of a retreat entitled “Coming Out in Hawaii”. This set looks ant the who and why of nude yoga and carefully Takes you through that first step of being naked and exposing yourself to a room filled with other naked men, Disc one is called “Day one” and is a basic introduction which presents the sequences necessary for learning yoga and concentrates on feeling secure while naked. “Sunrise in Hawaii”<,disc two is a yoga session on the beach and provides a way to keep you stimulated for whatever the day may bring and teaches the techniques for staying cool and calm while being alive and stimulated.

“Afternoon Delight”, disc three is a restorative session and helps you to erase strife and stress which have been built up during the day and finally “The Art of Touch”, disc four ties everything together. It is filmed in the exquisitely beautiful tropical rain forest of Hawaii and Starr trains six guys on the art of touching each other and themselves.

Let me say again that since I have watched these videos I am looking at myself in a completely different way. My self confidence and self esteem have been boosted and I actually feel a lot better. Whether you buy these discs for yourself or as a gift, you are spending money wisely. Aside from looking at all kinds of naked men, you learn something and that is what life is all about.

  1. #1 by Focus on March 23, 2011 - 6:33 am

    I really enjoy practicing nude yoga. I do it on the beach in the summer time. During the winter time I practice naked yoga at home and in the sauna. Some critics of nude yoga are saying that it is sexual and it’s impossible to concentrate on asanas. I would tell that it is the best way to relax and meditate and sometimes the first path to a dedicated practice.
    Unfortunately we don’t have nude yoga classes in my city, so I practice yoga in fitness classes as everybody else wearing clothes. But I always follow the rule: the less clothes I have the better meditation I can achive.
    Everybody should remember that first Indians who actually introduced yoga were practicing it just without any clothes.

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