“NAKED FAME”–fallen idols


Fallen Idols

Amos Lassen

“Naked Fame” (Here TV!) is a documentary about Colton Ford and his attempt to shirk his title as a porn star and become a rock and roll singer. Some of you may know Colton as a gay porn actor who is married to another former porn star, Blake Harper. There was a time that you thought you saw them in every porn film. But time, like our hero, changes. If we look at the ladder of entertainment, we find porn on the bottom most rung and singers near the top. It is not easy to climb those rungs but Ford wanted to try. Ford and his partner exited the porn business together but they soon found out that the title porn star was not an easy one to doff.
This documentary is as much about leaving the porn industry as it is about pursuing a new career. Although the movie dispels some of the fantasies we may have about porn, it reinforces others and this could be why the movie has had very limited success. We all love our fantasies and when Ford and Harper were stars they fed our fantasies perfectly. The moment we learn about their other lives—their lives outside of porn, we are disgruntled. Do we care that they like to cook? I doubt it.

While the movie demystifies a lot about the porn industry, it also reinforces some of the rumors of drugs and Viagra. Our porn stars cease being gods and become mere mortals and this is what we are not too anxious to know. The beautiful people are not supposed to have the same kinds of problems that we have.

As a documentary, the movie is very well done. The problem is that one of our idols is knocked from his pedestal and once that happens it is hard to like the movie. Ford’s uphill battle to release a single is admirable. His parents support him fully, divas appreciate him and Harper stands by his side. Obviously Ford has yet to fulfill his goal, we haven’t heard about a number one single yet.

I have to give the guys a break, however. They have the guts to try—not only to eschew their past but to put themselves out there for public scrutiny (although they surely were both public and pubic in porn). As I watched the film I began to think of it as sort of a morality play but for a gay audience only. What is the moral? Don’t grow up and be a porn star.

This is an interesting movie. I have been in the dark about the music industry so the whole marketing business was brand new to me. (It wasn’t quite the same as the payola in “Dreamgirls”). The background on the porn industry was disheartening but real I am afraid. It intrigued me to hear the truth but it saddened me to lose the glamour.

Colton and Harper were close to their 40s when the change began. They obviously both realized that the younger stars were coming along to take their places so they exited at their prime. The entire foundation of the first 20 years of their life had eroded away and they had to find some way to pay the rent.

Colton Ford, who we learn has the real name of Glen. comes across the screen as vain and narcissistic. His personality is not particularly likeable (you could not bring him home to mom) and quite honestly the fact that he did not succeed musically did not bother me at all. And the movie is unfinished as it does not explore what happens when he realizes that he no longer has a career in porn and will not have a career as a singer.

Blake Harper whose real name is Peter fares better. He obviously loves his partner greatly ands we see him as sweet and sympathetic. It cannot be easy for him to support a career that was not meant to be.

If you take the movie seriously you will dislike intensely. Ford has little talent and aside for a few moment of clarity, the movie is repetitious and somewhat boring. Ford throws his life wide open for the world to see and we don’t seem to be all that interested.

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