“Mormor’s Visit”–short and sweet

“Mormor’s Visit”

Short and Sweet

Amos Lassen

Casper Anders who directed the delightful “Slutty Summer”, “Between Love and Goodbye” and “The Big Gay Musical” sent me a copy of his short movie, “Mormor’s Visit”, a 16 minute short which is just wonderful. Simon, a photographer from Sweden, and relocated to the New York, answers the doorbell one morning to find his grandmother, his “Mormor” standing there. It seems she had grown tired of her life in a sheltered Swedish retirement home and has run away to the freedom of the United States. Simon has no idea what to do with her or how to explain that is a naked man in his bed. Here is a deeply personal story. The character of his grandmother is obviously very real to Anders. In fact the genesis of the story came from his imagining what he would do if something like this really happened. Yet the story is completely fictional but I think that there is probably a great deal of Anders and his grandmother in both of the characters.

The idea that to tell the truth is important is what seems to me to be the basic theme of the film. It is such a touching and beautiful film that it is impossible not to be moved by it. If you can find a copy of it, have a look.

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