“More Tales of the City”


Amos Lassen

The “Tales of the City” books are landmarks in gay literature and they are wonderful. The mini series based on the books are hallmarks of gay television and “More Tales of the City” is wonderful even if it is not quite as good as the original “Tales of the City”. It begins a few months after the first series ends. The characters are the same and the story expands on the earlier series instead of creating a new series of happenings. It adds to what was already there. The only criticism is the cast changes and once you get used to the new faces, everything is just fine. In fact, everything is more than just fine, it is superb. Maybe it doesn’t compare to the brilliance of the first “Tales” but it is worth seeing.

We have a few new adventures for our eccentric cast—a cruise, amnesia, romance that has been rekindled, a family reunion and older women who go to a sex club.

The character of Mary Ann Singleton progresses to an almost startling new place. She has become a man hunter and a pot fiend which is a long way from the innocent girl who came to Barbary Lane. Mona goes on a desert journey and meets someone named Mother Mucca who becomes an integral part of the cast.

The entire plot focuses on intrigue and interweaving characters and does not handle the development of personalities. But the great dialog is still there as is our beloved Anna Madrigal. The series is again wonderful and when I think how far we have come in terms of television, I think we should be proud of a series of this caliber. We all should be thankful for Olympia Dukakis—she is a wonderful actress and a brilliant Ms. Madrigal. Armistad Maupin has done us proud with his wonderful series.


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