“METH”–stories and recollections


Stories and Reflections

Amos Lassen

“Meth” is a documentary that looks at today’s crystal meth epidemic in the gay community. It is a series of stories and reflections of twelve gay men from across the United States and they do not hold anything back as they relate their experiences with the drug. They speak of the allure of the drug and why it has become so popular. What is unfortunate is those that need this film will probably never see it.

We learn that the use of meth almost always begins as a thrill where the user finds himself on the top of the world and feels he has superhuman powers and is able to establish contact with those around him. He feels he is surrounded by opportunity and everything is brilliant. There are no feelings of insecurity, of loneliness and the user feels confidant that there is little that he cannot do.

However, as crystal takes hold, the drug takes charge of the situation and what was once fun becomes a burden. We see and hear from the guys in the film how their lives have changed. Some are still using and the only way they are able to relate anything is when they are under the influence of “Tina”. We see how large and powerful the drug has become and how it creeps in and begins to control the users. They continue to use it even though they know it is destroying them.

There are others that are interviewed as well and they are the ones who formerly used “Tina”. Some have lost everything because of it but they have managed to break away and have begun to ascend from the depths to which they once sunk.

There is hope expressed here, but there is also the staggering and mind-boggling statistic that less than six percent ever succeed in totally escaping the drug.

“Meth” comes to us on many levels and it can be understood from several points of view. For such a depressing subject, the documentary is beautiful to watch visually. The colors, the cinematography and the beauty of composition are in strict contrast to the evil that “Meth” causes. It is a tale of caution that holds nothing back.

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