“MADAGASCAR SKIN”–love between the lonely

“Madagascar Skin”

Love Between the Lonely

Amos Lassen

From WaterBearer Films comes “Madagascar Skin”, the story of Harry and Flint, a very unlikely couple. Harry is a shy gay man who just can’t manage the gay scene, especially the bar scene. Flint is older and crusty and his background is mysterious. They meet and their relationship evolves from distrust to deep love. It is a comforting film and very romantic. Harry has a birthmark on his face in the shape of Madagascar, hence the title. Harry is a perfect example of insecurity; he has been spurned and rejected. Flint has felt the pains of time and s reduced to living on the beach eating spiders and mice. He also appears to be heterosexual.

The two set up house together in a little clay cottage by the sea. Harry is attracted to Flint but is in fear of rejection. Slowly, ever so slowly, mutual affection rules and the way it happens is both touching and believable. Flint wins Harry over and they realize that they are outcasts in an unfeeling society. There always remains the threat of outward forces ripping apart their idealistic life.

This is truly a romantic movie, a story of two people finding strength and love in each other. It is one of those surprise kind of movie that wins you over. The photography is beautiful and the plot works wonders as it follows the relationship between two men who are social misfits. Poor Harry, he has been discounted over and over again all because of a mark on his face. The acting is extremely well done. The movie tends to be quite “arty” using a lot of symbolism and classic dialog but like I said, the performances are excellent and it is definitely work a look.

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