the review

Amos Lassen

Made by Guest House films and written, produced and directed by first timer Rob Williams, “Long-Term Relationship” is a romantic comedy which is full of laughs and gorgeous men. It also deals with politics and sexual incompatibility and friends.

Glenn (Matthew Montgomery) sees a personal ad for another gay white male looking for a LTR and answers it. By doing so he meets Adam (Windham Beacham) and they are both mutually attracted. From the first meeting, they both felt they had rediscovered the Garden of Eden. Everything seemed perfect…except…that Adam is a Republican and that they just do not mesh sexually. In fact, Glenn, a dedicated and ardent Democrat is even willing to overlook Adam’s affiliation with the Republican party but…the sex is bad —really, really bad…lousy. The two get along wonderfully except of in bed and neither can figure out what the problem is.

Disillusioned, Glenn tries to stick out and s encouraged by his friends to do so. We all know that everyone loves a couple and everyone loves Glenn and Adam. At least everyone loves Glenn and Adam except for Vincent, Glenn’s roommate who has a personal agenda to keep them apart. Will love rule out? Will Adam and Glenn find true happiness and sexual bliss? Will Vincent succeed in destroying the couple? These ate the earth shaking questions that we have to answer. It is only Glenn and Adam who can make the decision as to whether or not the dating fling can become a LTR as they face the issues that all couples—gay and straight face.

“LTR” is both an intelligent film and a comedy that will keep you laughing, long after it is over. Dealing with the issues of being in a relationship, “LTR” manages to provide a good look into what makes a relationship work in an extremely humorous way and avoids the clichés we so often find in movies with gay themes. Notably absent from the movie are the stereotypical (well almost absent) caricatures we see so much of in film. This is the story of dating which is wonderfully acted, literately scripted and directed with élan.

The great musical soundtrack features original songs and exciting background music written by Ben Holbrook. All in all “LTR” is a great package deal, good actors, good script, good direction, good music. Who could ask for more?

Let me just add that “LTR” won the Jury Prize as best feature film at the Outflix festival in Memphis in August and was nominated for the Alternative Spirit Award at the 10th Annual Rhode Island International Film Festival and was the opening night feature at the OUTAKES Film Festival in Dallas in October of this year.

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